About Us

My Name is Catherine Fox, the owner and founder of Foxy’s Furry Friends. I was born and raised in Bingley and I am the youngest of 3. I had many pets growing up including, dogs, rabbits, mice and rats and know how much they are part of the family. I have always had a love for animals and have my own dog Skyla, a Golden Retriever. My passion for animals has always inspired me to want to start a pet care company. I have cared for pets of friends and family for many years, starting back when I was a young girl living with my parents. In 2014, after years of running someone else’s company, I decided to make my love and passion for animals a career by starting up Foxy’s Furry Friends and haven’t looked back!

I have gained most of my experience of providing the best in pet care from my years of fostering unwanted dogs and cats and attending courses where possible. Surrounded by animals yearning for love and attention has brought out my undeniable love for pets even more and I strive to extend that to each and every pet I meet. I promise my current and future clients the professionalism, reliability, love and care with a personal touch, that every pet owner, dog walker and pet care provider should posses. I am very passionate and committed to making a difference to the daily lives of both pets and their owners.